Article plan

My article will consist of ten fully finished photograph that have already been taken and been put through my editing process along with multimedia taken from secondary sources. There will then be over 2000 words of written content split into four main sections.

A rough outline is below:


Introducing the topic of ocean plastic pollution, including shocking statistics from secondary sources along with an important primary source quote, probably from a marine biologist. This will provide the essential information of the article.

Section one

The initial section of the article will provide the views and scientific knowledge of marine biologists, scientific background and describe the damage that single use plastics do to marine ecosystems. It will include pictures of UK coastline and plastic pollution on them. It may also include a video from marine biologist Erik van Sebille explaining his research on plastic which I think is worth a mention in the article, he was one of my sought after interviewee’s but sadly didn’t have time to organise one.

Section two

This section will focus on the efforts of UK based charities to conserve out coastlines, featuring primary source material from Steve Wilson, North West representative for Surfers Against Sewage. Focusing on educating the UK on the damage that plastics can do and what is being done to bring the attention to government.

Section three

Here I will be explaining what local authorities in Leeds are doing to ensure that the city produces as little plastic waste as possible, in particular Leeds has began an ‘opt in’ scheme which has taken away recycling bins in certain areas. I will be explaining what sort of effect this has on recycling in the city and how this links into the crisis around the world. As well as including facts and figures from the council and primary source material from Carolyn Moss and Andrew Lingham of Leeds City Council.

Section 4

This section will move into how every-day people can make a difference to our oceans, focusing on UK based local beach cleans with interviews from the organisers, along with secondary source material from charities about UK coastlines.


Throughout the article I will have multimedia content and also my own photographs, both as single images and slideshows.

This is only a rough plan and the article will not be separated into single blocks of information, it will all interlink, however these sections are to outline the importance of different information in the article and to form a solid story structure.

The structure is subject to change after feedback from tutors.


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