Contact sheets – Decision making process

After the photoshoots I create contact sheets of the photographs I take, these take the form of screenshots put into programs like Adobe Photoshop. I then look through the slideshow of images to choose which are good enough to edit. I mark these using green or red rectangles an example is shown in the slideshow below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

When looking through my photos I take into account the composition and other technical aspects such as the depth of field.

I found that lots of the photographs (outlined in red) had a poor composition. There was far too much happening in some photographs and so the subject of them was not clear, some were also shot from too far away. I also had a problem with exposure on some of the photographs, due to too much light the images were almost completely white.

The photographs outlined in green are ones that I’m pleased with and would take forward to edit. The main reason I chose these is because of the framing, composition and depth of field. On top of these reasons the colour and lighting in the photographs is good, or at least easily remedied in photoshop by changing the contrast and saturation slightly.

I go through this sort of process with all of my photographs, in order to decide which ones I will use. However, the ones that I like are not all going to be in my final piece and I will continue to scrutinise them throughout my editing process.


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