Organising photo shoots and researching photographers – Reflection

The past week has been much busier than the last. I have spent a large amount of time researching photographers and looking into the different styles of photography they use to capture their images.

Mainly I have been looking into those who have produced photojournalism pieces for outlets that focus on nature, such as national geographic. The two photographers mentioned in my previous post Steve McCurry and Corey Arnold have both been featured in international magazines and newspapers.

I have also now been contacted by the organisers of beach cleans and plastic pollution awareness campaigns. Because of this I have been able to set aside dates for photo shoots and will be meeting with prominent figures of the charities I have contacted to arrange interviews.

The first of these events will be taking place this coming weekend and I will upload photo sheets when I have them annotated. Before this I will be carrying on with research and also beginning to look into a layout for my article along with secondary sources and examples of similar work.


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