Project goals and upload schedule

As said in my previous reflection the prior week had been slow, not many of my contacts had come back to me with information or permission to take photographs. That has, however, all changed and I have been contacted by multiple people telling me they would be more than happy to allow me to take photographs and interview them on this subject.


My goals are simple, I want to raise awareness about the current plastic epidemic plaguing our oceans. As mentioned in my pitch Coca-Cola produces an estimated 100 billion plastic bottles a year alone and the World Economic Forum suggested that, in 2105, around eight million metric tonnes of plastic ends up in our oceans each year, the equivalent of 16 plastic bags per meter of coastline. We are now three years further on and three more years worse off.

Documenting the everyday efforts of everyday people is the place I will start, photographing beach cleans and talking to those involved in running the charities and events. This will showcase how we can all help protect the oceans and the natural environment we live in.

Something else I will also report on is the on-going efforts to raise awareness of the issues. I have been invited to film screenings and meetings with people involved in the different charities which will allow me to photograph the events and also interview those involved.

I intend to create a longform article and also include things like videos in my piece.

A photograph showing a misty coastline covered in plastic bottles and different waste.
A photograph taken by a Pixabay user showcasing the plastic pollution epidemic we are facing.


Over the next few weeks I will be uploading these posts:

  • Photography research – Focusing on documentary and reportage styles (COMPLETE)
  • A contact page with those for events and interviews, to be updated as time goes on (COMPLETE)
  • Beach clean photoshoot (COMPLETE)
  • News examples and their use of secondary sources (COMPLETE)
  • Annotated photo sheets (COMPLETE)
  • Decisions and article planning post.

On top of these scheduled posts I am also going to be doing test shoots in preparation for my actual photo shoots. I am also constantly keeping up to date with news on this topic and am in the process of organising interviews with the necessary people.


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