Continuing research, a slow week – Reflection

Over the past week I have not achieved much headway with regards to my project.

The initial contact with different charities has not progressed and I have been waiting on responses for some time, even with follow up calls and emails sent out. My next step is to contact regional reps directly as long as I can find their contact details. I have had these problems throughout my journalism career but with perseverance have always pulled through, I will update a ”contacts” page on my blog as soon as I get something concrete.

As I am under an incredibly tight time constraint for my TV project I have spent a lot of time doing that. However, over the coming week I have time set aside to do test shots and will be uploading them soon.

My research into photographers and techniques has also been pushed backwards, however, I will have an initial post finished within a few days and a more in-depth analysis completed by the end of the week.

I realise that the lack of uploads is not good but as my TV project has been in the works since the start of the academic year it has all cumulated in the past few weeks being heavily devoted to it. I will have a photography ”to-do list” posted soon so I can keep to my own set deadlines as the final stages of my TV project near completion.


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