Initial Decisions – The project pitch

Having brainstormed photography projects for a few days I have come up with one that I am extremely passionate about.

I have thought about the current state of our planet’s oceans at some length and as a member of PADI I recently dived in the stunning location of the Gulf of Thailand and the incredibly clear water it contains. Most of the islands I visited in Thailand were Marine Conservation Areas and divers from all islands took part in huge conservation projects to keep the waters clean.

It astounded me to see recent videos of Bali and how the sea there was full of plastic floating on the currents. As seen in the video below:

As mentioned in a previous post this got me thinking about the possibility of documenting ocean cleanup operations in and around Britain (Thailand and Bali may be slightly far to go to take photographs). I don’t know how difficult it would be to find an organisation willing to take me on a cleanup operation however charities such as the Marine Conservation Society organise operations such as the ‘Great British Neach Clean’, which can all be organised yourself in different locations around the country. Greenpeace are also a driving force in stopping ocean plastic pollution.

I feel as though both the Editorial and Photo Story styles could be used for this type of project. Editorial because of the number of powerful statistics that can be used to convey an important message and Photo Story because the sheer devastation that plastic is doing to our oceans has to be seen to be believed. I could use photography to depict incredibly emotive scenes should they present themselves.

The reportage style of photography would be the best for this type of project as it shows the topical events that I would be photographing taking place. It would also be possible to document the people taking part in these cleanups in the ‘documentary’ style. This would allow me to capture the emotion that people truly feel about damage to our oceans.

Research that I will undertake will include the efforts of huge multi-national companies like Coca-Cola to reduce their plastic footprint. I will also hope to follow ocean cleanup operations ran by marine charities to take my images, including interviewing the people that run the operations and organisations. It is my intention to produce content for online, with my photographs being backed up by videos such as the one above.

On it’s own the Coca-Cola company produces an estimated 100 billion plastic bottles a year, with billions ending up in the ocean. I feel extremely strongly about the subject, something must be done this sort of destruction can’t go on, and that’s why I intend to follow up on this as a project.


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