Preparing Images & Finishing off ”Stories from the City” – Reflection

I didn’t actually attend the fourth seminar that focused on the image preparation using photoshop. The online learning materials were available however, so I was ale to catch up and use these to recap on what was learnt.

As said in my previous reflection I have a small amount of experience using photoshop so the actual editing of images wasn’t new. I had also been practicing using it our Magazine Newsday module.

The ‘stages of preparation’ slide was new information, and so learning the required steps was what I focused on.

A screenshot of the slides that we work from on the photojournalism module. This one shows the five stages of image preparation.
The slide showing the stages of preparation for images. Credit: Karl Hodge

Having already studied photography was definitely helpful when reading throughthe slides, knowing about the rule of thirds and framing photographs using grids like the fibonnachi spiral was helpful as I was not in class to go through the editing process as a group.

As always the importance of resizing images to the correct width was shown, but as we’ve been doing this for three years I realise this. However we had always resized images to 740 pixels wide, and I wouldn’t have know to resize to 800 without the slides.

All in all I feel as though my work with the image was good, I’m constantly getting more at ease with photoshop just by practising. The article is written up and available here, on Leeds Hacks.


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