Stories from the City – Reflection

The third week of the Photographic Journalism module saw us taking photographs around the city again but first we learnt about aperture and depth of field. Having previously studied photography this was a really useful recap session. Being reminded of how f-stops affect depth of field was informative and we were shown good examples, plus this video:

The short depth of field is caused by having a low aperture number so having set my camera to these settings I set off out into the city. Thinking ahead however I stayed away from the busy areas where people are likely to get stopped. This made people feel more inclined to speak to you and I felt as though I was more likely to encounter people who were not busy with work, but instead visiting the city or had a day off.

This led me to the area around the art galleries behind millennium square where I met Pat Stone, a woman out in Leeds for art and culture. She was more than happy to have a quick conversation about her day, and why she enjoys days out in Leeds. This opened up multiple lines of questioning about her past and why she chose to stay in Leeds after she moved here for work.

A short depth of field photograph of local Leeds woman, Pat Stone
Pat Stone taking some leisure time in Leeds

I feel as though the photo’s I took were good, they used depth of field to great effect, however I had a problem with Mrs Stone looking around whilst talking. However at the end of our chat I asked for a few still images of her looking in the camera, these came out really well.


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