Image editing – Reflection

The second week of the Photojournalism module saw us recapping on the use of JPEG images and other different image file types. This was especially useful as it had been a while since we had learnt about this topic. We talked about the compression of images and how continuously saving a JPEG file causes it to pixellate and also about the different colour pallets of GIF’s opposed to JPEG. This is going to be especially important in this module, if I am to keep my photographs at a high quality I mustn’t forget all these points.

The writing of the article is easy enough as we have had plenty of practice, but it has been a long time since I have used photoshop and the brief explanation of how to resize images was really handy. I remember that I had struggled to work this out in a few of my multimedia newsdays at the start of the year when it is actually extremely simple.

Getting to play around in photoshop is a definite help that will improve my work in the future, however it has a really steep learning curve and I have forgotten almost everything that I had learned prior to uni.


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