The Monday markets – Reflection

The beginning of the photographic journalism module saw us sent out into Leeds to find news stories equipt with a camera. The weather was typical of Leeds in late January, overcast, cold and rainy. Anyone who was wandering the streets was in a hurry to get where they were going which left us floundering for interviewees who would be willing to be photographed.

We then went to the Kirkgate Markets where I thought of the idea to photograph local produce and talk to the store owners and workers about the effect larger supermarket chains have on the smaller independent businesses in Leeds.

Andrew Houlker a butcher from the markets was more than happy to talk to me about what cheaper prices in larger stores meant for himself and others. The market is full of eclectic stalls with amazing brightly coloured foods to photograph and so taking shots of the area was great fun.

It was the first time I have picked up my camera for a few years however so I’m still in the process of remembering all of the different settings for different environments, this provided me with a challenge and I’m looking forward to continuing to develop and re-learn photographic skills in a journalistic capacity.


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