Leeds leads the way when it comes to recycling

Leeds city council aim to reduce plastic waste with their 'opt in' scheme providing a positive impact for the environment Leeds's 'opt in' recycling scheme sees an increase in recyclable green bin waste as contamination levels fall from their previous 50% in areas that have seen the scheme implemented. The most recent figures show that... Continue Reading →


Beach cleans tackle plastic pollution through education and activities

Charity representatives and organisers attribute rising interest in beach cleans to media attention on plastic pollution Local beach cleans are experiencing a huge surge in popularity with many putting this down to an increase in media attention surrounding ocean plastic pollution. Sharon Kirkby,  a beach clean organiser and activist for Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) said... Continue Reading →

Article plan

My article will consist of ten fully finished photograph that have already been taken and been put through my editing process along with multimedia taken from secondary sources. There will then be over 2000 words of written content split into four main sections. A rough outline is below: Intro Introducing the topic of ocean plastic... Continue Reading →

Similar articles and secondary sources

Plastic pollution is currently under a lot of media scrutiny and so when looking for articles on the topic there are multiple examples. There are many news outlets that report on the topic and online is a particularly good platform to publish articles about the issue. A recent article in the Independent states how ocean... Continue Reading →

Photo shoot week – Reflection

This past week saw me attend a beach clean in Cumbria, the photoshoot went well and I feel as though I have some good photo's to be editing. I was also supposed to attend another beach clean today, the 14th of April but couldn't make it. I feel as though I am ready to start... Continue Reading →

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